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Kaido Kirsipuu

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Mon-Fri 8–17

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Vesse tn 7, 11415 Tallinn 

Head of Department:

Kaido Kirsipuu

Phone: +372 5855 8780


Your quantity (tonnes)

New production scrap

Black metal scrap from production. Dirt 0%.
Loyal customers:180Regular price:170

Sized steel

Material thickness over 4 mm, round material = ø 6 mm, maximum... Read more

Loyal customers:170Regular price:160

Over size steel

Material thickness over 4 mm, round material = ø 6 mm, dimensions... Read more

Loyal customers:155Regular price:145

Mix scrap (mixed material)

Material thickness up to 4 mm. Sheet material, structures, etc are suitable.... Read more

Loyal customers:145Regular price:135

Ferrous turnings

Metal turnings from turning and milling. Maximum humidity 2%. Must not contain... Read more

Loyal customers:100Regular price:90

Steel and cast iron equipment

Engines, reducers, gearboxes, etc with steel or cast iron housing. Goods are... Read more

Loyal customers:125Regular price:115

Cast iron

Bathtubs, radiators, engine blocks. The weight of one piece must not exceed... Read more

Loyal customers:145Regular price:135

Household machinery

Large household machinery (cookers, washing machines, dishwashers). Small household appliances (toasters, coffee... Read more

Loyal customers:70Regular price:60


Your quantity (tonnes)

Copper scrap (new production scrap)

Electrotechnical wire, minimum diameter 0.5 mm. Does not contain wire terminals, insulating... Read more

Loyal customers:4615Regular price:4600

Copper scrap (mixed material)

Used sheet, pipe, wire, wire bundles. Shall not magnetize, maximum 3% of dirt.
Loyal customers:4215Regular price:4200


Your quantity (tonnes)

Brass (mixed material)

Mixed scrap, sanitary ware excluding cartridges, sleeves. The shells of the shower... Read more

Loyal customers:2650Regular price:2635

Brass radiators

Radiators must be clean from other metal and plastic.
Loyal customers:2465Regular price:2450

Brass turnings

Brass turnings must be clean, shall not magnetize. Dirt of up to... Read more

Loyal customers:2465Regular price:2450

Brass cartridges and cases

Cartridges containing iron are not classified under brass cartridges. Whole cartridges are... Read more

Loyal customers:3150Regular price:3135

Stainless steel

Your quantity (tonnes)

Stainless steel 304 (18/8)

Round material, sheet, scrap. Chemical analysis minimum: Ni 7.8%, Cr 16–17%. Maximum... Read more

Loyal customers:850Regular price:835

Stainless turnings

Maximum moisture 2%, maximum dirt 2%. Must be oil-free.
Loyal customers:750Regular price:735

Stainless steel 316 (18/10/2)

Round material, sheet, scrap. Maximum dimensions are 1500 x 1500 x 1500... Read more

Loyal customers:1225Regular price:1210


Your quantity (tonnes)

Aluminum (mixed material)

Non-ferrous mixed material (used, dyed, up to 2% iron). Aluminum sheet, old... Read more

Loyal customers:575Regular price:560

Aluminum casting without iron

Ironless casting (0% iron). Engines and gearboxes must be oil-free. Chainsaw housings... Read more

Loyal customers:635Regular price:620

Aluminum wheel rims

The valves, wheel weights (lead) and plastic covers from the centre of... Read more

Loyal customers:950Regular price:935

Aluminum casting with iron

Aluminium casting with iron content of up to 20%. Oil filters and... Read more

Loyal customers:255Regular price:240

Aluminium turnings

Maximum of 2% moisture. Must be oil-free.
Loyal customers:255Regular price:240

Aluminum profile

Aluminum profile must be iron-free.
Loyal customers:900Regular price:885

Aluminum profile with plastic

Aluminum profile with plastic must be iron-free.
Loyal customers:500Regular price:485

Food aluminium

Knives, forks, pans and pots. The material must not be dyed and... Read more

Loyal customers:915Regular price:900

Other non-ferrous metals

Your quantity (tonnes)

Chrome steel

Washing machine drums, propellers of ships. Chemical analysis minimum: Cr 10–20%, Ni 0%.
Loyal customers:265Regular price:250


Scrap or components. Zinc-coated material is not considered zinc.
Loyal customers:415Regular price:400

Electric engines

Electric engines with copper coils from 0.75 kW, starters and generators. Wires,... Read more

Loyal customers:405Regular price:390


Scrap or components (clean, free from dirt and grime). Lead battery details... Read more

Loyal customers:1015Regular price:1000

Bp batteries

Accumulators with lead plates. The battery must have a Pb symbol. Batteries,... Read more

Loyal customers:500Regular price:485

Mon-Fri 8–17

Sat-Sun closed

Vesse tn 7, 11415 Tallinn 

Head of Department:

Kaido Kirsipuu

Phone: +372 5855 8780


  • Pursuant to § 41 of the VAT Code, from Jan 1, 2011, CRONIMET Nordic OÜ will calculate the amount of VAT as VAT payable by itself.
  • The price is subject to VAT of 20%.
  • All prices are valid on CRONIMET Nordic OÜ territory.
  • Unsorted scrap is bought at the price of the lower grade scrap in the load.
  • CRONIMET Nordic OÜ reserves the right to change the basic purchase price without notice.
  • The weight of non-metallic materials (sand, soil, dirt, etc.) is deducted from the weight of the scrap.


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