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What we do

CRONIMET Nordic is a circular economy company that specialises in the environmentally-conscious collection, processing and resale of scrap metal for recycling.

We collect non-ferrous, stainless and ferrous metals and organize their transportation in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland and Venezuela. We source scrap metal from several countries and export it to various markets around the world for recycling.

In 2023, we helped more than 350 thousand tons of metal get a new life cycle, and the company’s turnover reached 207 million euros.

We offer a scrap metal collection service and dismantling service at the customer’s location. We have eight scrap metal collection points in Estonia.

What we are

We started as a family business under the name Eesti Metall in Jõgeva in 2000, buying ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal. Over the years we have consistently grown our company and since 2008 we have been part of the international CRONIMET Group. Belonging to an international group gives us access to the most advanced and eco-friendly technologies in the field and provides us business opportunities outside Estonia, while the top management of CRONIMET Nordic still consists of the core family that founded the company. We employ around 50 people.


We are committed to promoting a circular economy and thereby contributing to creating a balance between the industry’s demand for raw materials and the sustainable use of natural resources.


We are a leading circular economy company that sets future trends – by giving scrap metal a new life, we create a cleaner and more desirable living environment for our children.

Our values

The core values of CRONIMET Nordic are:

· Reliability

· Innovation

· Customer focus

· Environmental sustainability

We care about the development and people of Estonia: Our activities are geared towards sustainable development, creating a clean natural environment and resource efficiency, with the aim of making Estonia a more liveable place for future generations.

Our activities are future-oriented: We care about our customers and employees. We feel a sense of responsibility for the values, knowledge and competitiveness of the next generation. We share our business success with society by channelling resources into youth education.

We are reliable leaders in the field: We have long-term experience and knowledge in the field, which we build on through persistent innovation.

We give scrap metal a new life

Our commitment

To reduce the environmental impact of its activities and prevent pollution, CRONIMET Nordic strives to pursue the following objectives:

• When handling metal and other waste, we apply methods that enable us to forward as much waste as possible into recycling.

• We take measures to ensure that waste is managed in a way that is safe for the environment and people in order to reduce waste generation, as well as air, water and soil pollution.

• Over the last three years, we have reduced paper consumption by introducing a paperless warehouse program, archive and logistics program.

• In terms of environmental protection, we cooperate openly with other institutions, organizations and agencies.

• We make efforts to use material and energy resources economically in our activities.

• We implement new technological solutions that contribute to the achievement of our goals.

• We regularly assess environmental impacts resulting from our activities. We inform all employees about possible environmental impacts resulting from the company’s and people’s activities and the environmental policy of CRONIMET Nordic.

• We conduct periodic reviews based on environmental policy objectives to improve and enhance our environmental performance.

• The company is currently implementing and applying for the certification of quality and environmental management systems.

• The Environmental Board has issued an environmental permit to each department of CRONIMET Nordic.

What we support

Out of our sense of responsibility for the future of Estonia, we have regularly shared our business success with the community. Over the years, CRONIMET Nordic has supported various initiatives. Today, we are supporting the environmental project The Green Tiger and Rally Estonia, as well as various youth activities.

We plan our support activities long in advance, preferring to have long-term partners who can make the most of our help. We rarely undertake one-off projects.


CRONIMET Nordic is a major supporter of the Estonian Volleyball Federation and the title sponsor of the CRONIMET League, which unites volleyball clubs in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. As a circular economy company, CRONIMET works every day to create a cleaner and more valuable living environment for our children. However, only healthy and smart individuals can develop such a valuable living environment. Sport is undoubtedly one of the factors contributing to a healthy lifestyle—hence, alongside education, we have decided to support sports.

The Green Tiger

As a founding member, CRONIMET Nordic joined the Green Tiger Program, an organization representing sustainable companies, in order to contribute to increasing the environmental awareness of Estonians and preparing Estonian society for the transition to a renewable and balanced economic model. The goal of a restorative and balanced economy is to reorganize the economy in a way that enables the reduction of the use of non-renewable resources, the redirection of more resources to recycling and the restoration of natural resources as far as possible. At the same time, the aim is not to halt growth, but to bring economic activity into line and balance with the natural environment.

Rally Estonia

CRONIMET Nordic is a major sponsor of Rally Estonia. Rally Estonia, which is held on the roads of South Estonia, is the largest motorsport event organized in the Baltics. In 2020, Rally Estonia was held as a round of the World Rally Championship for the first time. The event was organized to such a high standard that the Estonian rally organizers have also been entrusted to carry out the WRC rounds in 2021 and 2022.

Youth projects

Paldiski skatepark. CRONIMET Nordic contributed to improving the leisure and sporting opportunities of Paldiski youth, by supporting the construction of an adventure sports site in the city park, which includes a concrete skateboard park and tarmac pump track. This unique sports facility is almost 1000m² in size and a variety of non-motorised vehicles including skateboards, BMX bikes, roller skates and scooters can be used there.

Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation

CRONIMET Nordic has supported the activities of the Children’s Fund to help children in need of medical treatment. The Children’s Fund raises money to finance children’s treatment or care that is not covered (at all or not in full) by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, the Social Insurance Board or the local government.

Our people

Our company employs nearly 50 hard-working people who make a small contribution to the preservation of the natural environment every day.

We care about our employees and their work environment. We provide our people with training and constantly improve our work environment. An advanced scrap metal recycling company needs a skilled workforce, starting from trained operators of modern technology to those handling high-tech laboratory equipment and complex international logistics organization.

We are a valued and stable employer. We are growing and creating new jobs. For example, in the last three years (2018-2021) 18 new employees have joined our team. Moreover, many of our employees have long-term experience of working in the circular economy, the average length of service in the company is more than six years, and more than one-fifth of the company’s employees have worked for us for 10 or more years.