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The price of scrap depends on the quantity, quality and price list at the time of acceptance. For non-metallic impurities, the percentage of dirt is deducted from the price of the metal.

Private individuals must provide an identity document, bank details and contact details when delivering scrap metal. Upon receipt of scrap metal, a purchase invoice / delivery note shall be drawn up and signed by both parties.

Metal is paid for by bank transfer and the following is concluded:

  • Contract of purchase and sale with private individuals, based on which money will be transferred over a few hours after the agreement is finalised (depending on the speed of the bank transfer). In order to conclude the contract, you will need to bring your identification document and bank account number.
  • With companies, purchase invoice / delivery note, based on which the company that transferred the scrap will issue a counter invoice. If there is a cooperation agreement between the company and CRONIMET Nordic OÜ, CRONIMET Nordic will pay the company for the scrap metal without the company issuing a counter invoice.

The estimated price to be paid for scrap metal can be calculated using the calculator that is next to the price list on the website.


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